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Why ‘Riverdale’ Is The Teen Drama You Should Be Watching Right Now

Riverdale is the newest live-action comic book property on the CW. The series is based on the iconic characters from Archie Comics, which hasn't shied away from telling strange stories in the past such as the crossover tales Archie Meets... Continue Reading →

“The Flash” Finally Changes Its Formula | S03E10 REVIEW

(Warning: This article contains spoiler for The Flash S03E10) The Flash has finally returned from his winter break and the mid-season premiere came back with quite a bit of promise and a change in formula. A lot of people who... Continue Reading →

Batman vs The God Complex | How Tom King Brought Back Batman’s Humanity

(Warning: This article includes Spoilers for the first volume of Batman Rebirth) People love Batman. Nobody could argue that fact, but why do they love him? Most, Batman fans can be put into two groups. One group will tell you... Continue Reading →

Flash Rebirth #1-6 | REVIEW

DC Rebirth has opened the door to a new era of DC Comics and just like in many other reality changing events, the Flash family is right in the center of it. Wally West, the OG ginger has returned. After... Continue Reading →

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