Analyzing Comics & Media

Here I take a deeper look into Comics then I do in a standard Review by dissecting a lot of the details in a book also, SPOILERS!

Yes, Wonder Woman Wasn’t Groundbreaking BUT An Important Reminder!

After watching Wonder Woman I wanted to write something about it because I really enjoyed it even with its weird historical view on WW1 and the role of Germany in it but ignoring the history nerd inside of me the movie... Continue Reading →


Why Red Hood Needs to Change or Die | Character Stagnation

In the DC Universe are only a few mantles that carry as much weight as the mantle of Robin, from the first ‘Boy Wonder’ Dick Grayson to the ‘Son of the Bat’ Damian Wayne. But there is one Robin that... Continue Reading →

How “DC Rebirth” Is Deconstructing The Readers & Writers of Comics

"Deconstruction" it's a term artists and writers throw around a lot. But we all do it. To deconstruct is to pull something apart and look at its parts, its strength, and weaknesses. It helps us assess what we're dealing with... Continue Reading →

Here Is Why Iron Fist Isn’t Asian, From A Story Perspective & The Marvel Controversy Explained

Iron Fist has caused quite a controversy since the Netflix series announcement, with the casting of a white male and — basically, that was it. The main complaint against Iron Fist is that they cast a white male in the... Continue Reading →

Why Negan Calls His Group ‘The Saviors’ And Why The Name Fits

(WARNING: This article contains minor Spoilers from The Walking Dead Comics) The best villains see themselves as the heroes of their own story. That’s a widely accepted saying between audiences and writers. You would think Negan would break that rule... Continue Reading →

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