January 2017

The Horror Behind The Joker’s Laugh | Brian Bolland’s Joker

The iconic image of the Joker by Brian Bolland in the Killing Joke had me thinking for a while now. I have it as a desktop wallpaper and I have read the comic a bunch of times. I have seen... Continue Reading →


Analyzing The Philosophy Of Batman | Existentialism

Everybody knows the origin of Batman. Bruce Wayne and his parents walked down a dark alley and became victims of a mugging that resulted in the death of Martha and Thomas Wayne. This event shaped Bruce and his future alter... Continue Reading →

Here Is Why Iron Fist Isn’t Asian, From A Story Perspective & The Marvel Controversy Explained

Iron Fist has caused quite a controversy since the Netflix series announcement, with the casting of a white male and — basically, that was it. The main complaint against Iron Fist is that they cast a white male in the... Continue Reading →

The Enlightenment Of The Flash | Religion & Flashpoint

Today we’re going to look at the reasoning behind Barry Allen creating Flashpoint, because just wanting his parents back is too simple, especially with Barry having been willing to sacrifice his mother to keep the timeline alive in Season 1.... Continue Reading →

Harley Quinn | A Victim Or Just The Better Of The Worst?

Harley Quinn has built an impressive fandom for herself, especially if you realize that she has only been around since the early 90s and was introduced in the iconic Batman The Animated Series. Since then Harley has made big waves... Continue Reading →

Why Negan Calls His Group ‘The Saviors’ And Why The Name Fits

(WARNING: This article contains minor Spoilers from The Walking Dead Comics) The best villains see themselves as the heroes of their own story. That’s a widely accepted saying between audiences and writers. You would think Negan would break that rule... Continue Reading →

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