DC Rebirth has opened the door to a new era of DC Comics and just like in many other reality changing events, the Flash family is right in the center of it. Wally West, the OG ginger has returned. After being stuck in the Speedforce since the Flashpoint event, he finally managed to return to the physical world with the help of Barry. Barry has been suffering from visions which not only show Godspeed but also gives us glimpses of events that happened before Flashpoint. Specifically, we see classic Eobard Thawne and the time Barry killed him.

This is the foundation of Flash Rebirth which we’re introduced to in the Rebirth One Shot. After the One Shot, the real story starts called “Lightning Strikes Twice” which hasn’t concluded yet.

Having regained his memories of Wally has shaken Barry up. He misses having someone running beside him now that he remembers how it was if he just knew that the other Wally West (the New 52 version who is the cousin of the OG Wally) has been hit by some amount of Speedforce energy in a previous storyline.

But the Speedforce answered the Flash’s prayers by first hitting his friend, Detective August and after that a Speedforce storm hit Central City turning dozens of people into Speedsters and upgraded the connection of New 52 Wally with the Speedforce, from there on out Barry has to deal with all the new Speedsters, people who want to use the speed for their own gain and the mysterious Godspeed who has been getting hyped up by fans since we first saw concept art of him. I mean people are going crazy over him, people want him to be in Season 4 of the Flash already and I repeat, he hasn’t even finished his first storyline. But did the hype damage him? Did these expectations lead to a disappointed? I will say yes to a degree, here is why.

First, Goodspeed’s identity is absolutely predictable. When you have read a certain amount of stories you learn to identify setups and while Joshua Williamson tries to do his best to mislead us, the only thing keeping you guessing is, is the fact that it’s so obvious you can’t believe he would do it. Which some might argue is brilliant, I don’t see it that way. I do have to manage besides that he is and interesting character.

Furthermore and this isn’t the fault of the Comic but more of the TV show. I’m personally getting a bit tired of Speedster villains especially of the “who is it” gimmick. But I have to say Williamson does a great job by setting the focus on the supporting characters instead of on who Godspeed is.

On a more positive note, Flash never fails to entertain me, it feels a bit predictable at times even so much at some points that I just want them to move it along because we just know where it’s going (I’m looking at you New 52 Wally storyline).

Still, the references to the previous timeline and the exploration of Barry’s character doesn’t fail to entertain me on a bi-weekly basis. If you’re looking for a deeply emotional story you will be disappointed but Flash Rebirth is a classic Superhero Soap Opera at it’s finest. It’s funny, it’s dramatic and it’s action packed. It won’t make you question your existence in the Multiverse and it’s not filled with twist and turns but it knows how to tell a bloody entertaining story.
I recommend it to new readers and returning readers, it’s an easy jumping on point for new readers but doesn’t ignore the history that came before.