Yes, Wonder Woman Wasn’t Groundbreaking BUT An Important Reminder!

After watching Wonder Woman I wanted to write something about it because I really enjoyed it even with its weird historical view on WW1 and the role of Germany in it but ignoring the history nerd inside of me the movie... Continue Reading →


Why Red Hood Needs to Change or Die | Character Stagnation

In the DC Universe are only a few mantles that carry as much weight as the mantle of Robin, from the first ‘Boy Wonder’ Dick Grayson to the ‘Son of the Bat’ Damian Wayne. But there is one Robin that... Continue Reading →

How “DC Rebirth” Is Deconstructing The Readers & Writers of Comics

"Deconstruction" it's a term artists and writers throw around a lot. But we all do it. To deconstruct is to pull something apart and look at its parts, its strength, and weaknesses. It helps us assess what we're dealing with... Continue Reading →

The Tale Of Three Knights | Short Story

How does it feel when the tip of your sword pierces the throat of your enemy when the blood slowly crawls down your blade towards your hand. That thought passes through the mind of every young knight. Some lick their... Continue Reading →

The Horror Behind The Joker’s Laugh | Brian Bolland’s Joker

The iconic image of the Joker by Brian Bolland in the Killing Joke had me thinking for a while now. I have it as a desktop wallpaper and I have read the comic a bunch of times. I have seen... Continue Reading →

Analyzing The Philosophy Of Batman | Existentialism

Everybody knows the origin of Batman. Bruce Wayne and his parents walked down a dark alley and became victims of a mugging that resulted in the death of Martha and Thomas Wayne. This event shaped Bruce and his future alter... Continue Reading →

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